Friday, November 3, 2017

no turning back

i discover so much about myself throughout my-better-health-journey. how mind control pretty much everything. positive mind will breed positive action. i used to refrain myself from going out and jog. i think about what other people might think about me. and i ended up nowhere without even trying. due to that, i never know about my ability, strength, will power etc. so just 2 days ago, i went out and just jogged at tmn tasik titiwangsa. i decide to just follow my heart and my guilt feeling about destroying my body over a decade..

at first, i was quite embarrased. having to pass by a lot of people and cars.huhu.but i choose to just ignore it. and as i jogged and walked, i kept saying this to myself:

enough is enough
you can do this
no shy
no regret
sikit lagi, kau boleh sofi
kau champion
kau mmg boleh

over and over again. espc when i have to cross group of people. and alhamdulillah i did 2 rounds! almost 7000 steps. next time i will try 10k steps. keep up sofi!! this will be a very long journey for you. this is your road, not others. do it step by step, do not rush, learn to love yourself again. just believe that with the right intention, right attitude, allah will ease your journey insyaallah

Ar-Ra'd: 11

Thursday, October 26, 2017

My small step

Not a good day for sofi today.i went to pharmacy to check on my glucose level.devastated least for's higher than i expected.i dont know why but it just hits me.i cried river once i got in the car.maybe because im currently on my better health journey.I just thought that the glucose level was so sad and dissapointed as well at myself.

nevertheless I want to stay positive .I have to.i need to stay strong and believe in my dear self.that I can do this.that I will bear this journey no matter how hard it will be.

so just a bit throwback to LoveMyselfRun2017 which was held last weekend.i took part in 3km run.alhamdulillah to my suprise,my performance that day was way better than i thought.huhu.started a bit rough.need to catch my breath few times.but then i manage to run MORE than I well done this for the sake of allah,for the sake if your health.for better quality of life.your health is amanah from allah..wake up sofi!

16 days

rekod baru. berjaya bertahan selama 16 hari. bertahan utk apa?bertahan utk jaga makan,kawal selera makan dan cuba exercise regularly hari2. one thiing for sure, jgn timbang selalu. nnt frust and demotivate. jujurnya mcm x turun pun kg aku. tp aku ttp rasa bangga dgn diri sendiri. sbb aku agak berjaya lah menahan nafsu selera yg membuak, cuba kawal otak. it's all about your mind..nk melawan kimia dlm otak yg dh biasa makan banyak. nk melawan nafsu makan lebih. masyaallah. dlm 16 hari ni juga aku bljr utk kuasai fikiran. stick to my BIG WHY, bljr sabar, step by step, bljr percaya kebolehan aku mengawal fikiran, bljr utk fhm bhw ini satu cbrn yg aku kena lalui jugak no matter what. wpun basically kg taklah turun pun, aku tetap akan kata this 16 days adlh blessing and im proud of myself. semoga terus bersabar

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

of exercise..

Satu kesan jelas yg aku rasa bila buat exercise ni adlh sakit pinggang dan belakang berkurang.kdg tak sakit pun. sblm ni mmg aku mudah sgt rasa sakit ni. espc bila nk bangun dr duduk or berdiri lama. almaklum, pinggang x larat dah nak tanggung berat badan.

Inilah satu reason why aku kne exercise. why kita semua kena exercise. nak jadi lbh sihat adlh BIG WHY aku. mula dgn simple exercise yg sesuai dgn kemampuan..small steps, big leap.hrpnya lah huhu. bila aku fikir2 blk, badan kt ni aset terbesar utk kita jaga. tp lbh sedekad aku tak jaga betul2 amanah allah. need to start somewhere.wpun susah. sesiapa yg terbaca ni, tolglah doakan aku, wish me luck 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


mencecah umur 30 tahun
alhamdulillah allahuakbar
dear sofi,
semoga terus positif menjalani kehidupan
sentiasa bersyukur atas segala nikmat allah swt
sentiasa bersangka baik dgn allah swt
terus sedar diri dan tak jemu bermuhasabah diri,
jadi anak yg lbh baik, kakak & adik yg lebih baik, kakak/mak usrah yg lbh baik, sahabat yg lbh baik, MANUSIA yg lbh baik..
upgrade diri, improve diri,
terus eager explore life, skills, ilmu.
sentiasa bersyukur atas segala nikmat allah swt
dan terus diberi hidayah dan kekuatan utk terus tsabat di jln dkwh dan jamaah, jln kebaikan dan kebajikan.

please guide and protect me ya allah..